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TRUEMill integrated CAD/CAM systems

TRUEMill 2 Axis and 3 Axis Roughing Toolpaths are integrated in the following CAM systems to deliver the Highest Material Removal Rates in your shop.

Reduce Time Cycles up to 80% !

TRUEMill toolpaths are very different from all other roughing toolpaths. All corners and sharp directional changes have been eliminated. The tool never plows into a corner. The technology works on all part shapes and geometry. Rather than generating toolpaths based on a given stepover value and the shape of the geometry being machined, TRUEMill toolpaths manage tool-engagement angles to produce toolpaths that are far superior to anything on the market today.

Extend Tool Life up to 10X !

The current approach to high-speed machining involves taking very light cuts. TRUEMill enables the machine to run at high speeds with much heavier cuts. Also, due to the even loads, there is less stress on the machine and the cutting tool. Tool life is actually extended while cycle times are reduced. These two concepts used to be mutually exclusive.

Increase Material Removal Rates up to 5X !

The key to TRUEMill's high productivity is it's ability to cut fast and deep. What might take a traditional toolpath four passes to get to full depth will only take a single pass at full depth with TRUEMill, thus allowing for the highest material removal rates in any material type.



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